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To become a model institution which provides a quality education programme capable of meeting the diverse needs of students.


To educate and nurture youthful minds and bodies for better academic, spiritual and social integration within the wider community.

Core Values

Student has a sense of duty, tries hard by himself or herself, meets obligations promptly and is trustworthy.

Student has good manners, good voice, is considerate in dealing with others, and is obliging and well trained.

Student serves the school, teachers, fellow students and work together with others to improve the group.

Student has good posture, neat habits about person, property and work, and is careful in dress and speech

Brief History

St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School (SAASS), the first co-educational institution in Grenada, was founded by its first principal, Mr. S.H. Graham in 1944. Forty-one boys and girls formed the first class which started in April, 1945, with only three members of staff. The school was relocated several times (an ‘Upper Room’ on Albert and Victoria Streets, and then moved to the G. C. N. A. building on Jubilee Street to the Seamoon Pavillion) before its final move to a permanent home here in Telescope in 1978. The site here, all five acres, was purchased with school funds and the building erected through private donations.

To date, SAASS has fulfilled the purpose of a secondary school, and has provided a secondary education for hundreds of Grenadians who otherwise would not have received one. Perhaps more importantly though the school led to the expansion of secondary education in Grenada by showing that such an education is the right of all Grenadians.

This school has so far acquired an enviable record in both academic studies and in sports at the highest levels. In 1984 one of our students won the coveted Marryshow Cup Award, and in recent years we have dominated the GRENLEC inter-secondary schools debate competitions, and have proven ourselves a force to be reckoned with in the St. Georges University organized Knowledge Bowl, and other organized competitions. “The Sports School” as we are usually referred to is still the leader in the world of sports. The only school to have ever won both the male and female titles at the intercol games, with a record twenty one titles in the male category we really are the champions. Our success however, is not limited to track and field, but in football, cricket and other sporting disciplines the name SAASS continues to be highly respected.

Over the last six years SAASS brought home to St. Andrew two senior cricket championship titles; one junior football title; two female football championships; one basketball title; three intercol titles in the male and one in the female category, and numerous second positions.

As a maturing institution with a student body of over seven hundred and a teaching staff of over forty persons, we have achieved a lot. We are quite optimistic about the future as we continue to strive to maintain our all-round excellence.