Co-Curricular involvement supports the academic mission of our school. They are not a diversion but rather an extension of a
sound educational program. Activities are designed for the development of progressive skills.

Beginning with simple skills and progressing to the more complex, all students are encouraged to become more confident
in themselves. We have seen our well organized implemented programs instill positive change
on the morale of our student body and serve as an important vehicle for good school and community relations.

Co-curricular activities at SAASS are considered to be any sport, activity, club, or program
sponsored or sanctioned by the School and Ministry of Education.

The two major areas of activities are Sports and Non-Sporting activities.

Sporting Activities

Cricket, Football, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball and Athletics Clubs

Non-Sporting Activities

Junior Achievement, Young Leaders, Students’ Council, Cadets, Girl Guides and Rangers, Boy Scouts, 4H Club, Science Club, Debating and Literary Society, Drum Corps, Choir